Spruce, Douglas, American Oak, or European Oak: what to choose for your cabin?

When making the choice of which wood to use for your cabin, chalet, pool house, home extension, pergola, or horse stable, there are several factors to consider. The aesthetic appeal, particularly the colors present in the wood, varies among different wood types. The wood’s structure also differs with each type, and not every type is […]

15 Cabin interior ideas for a cozy winter

Get ready to embrace winter coziness with these log cabin interior decor ideas! Whether you’re a cabin owner or an interior designer, there’s something for everyone, from rustic-chic to modern log cabin designs. Log cabin interior design aims to create a warm and inviting space that suits every season, especially during winter and holidays for […]

10 things to think about when building your own horse stable

Hey there, horse enthusiasts! Let’s spill the hay—living the equestrian dream can be a tad pricey. If you are looking into your options for building your own horse stable, you may be wondering how you can effectively and safely cut costs in order to comply with a smaller budget. No worries; many equestrians have been […]

How to build your wooden home extension?

Are you considering the addition of a wooden extension to your house? A fantastic idea! Timber-framed construction projects often provide a faster, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution. More importantly, wood gives your house a luxurious feel that no other material can obtain.  To assist you in planning this ambitious project, our specialists in prefabricated wood structures […]

What is the difference beween a Gazebo and a Pergola?

Pergolas and gazebos stand as distinct outdoor structures, each offering shelter and shade from the elements in your backyard. The question then arises: which one suits your preferences? In the realm of outdoor enhancements, myriad options await, each presenting unique advantages and creating distinctive atmospheres. Recognizing that our physical surroundings profoundly influence mental and emotional […]