October 7, 2023

How to build your wooden home extension?

Are you considering the addition of a wooden extension to your house? A fantastic idea! Timber-framed construction projects often provide a faster, cost-effective, and eco-friendly solution. More importantly, wood gives your house a luxurious feel that no other material can obtain. 

To assist you in planning this ambitious project, our specialists in prefabricated wood structures have compiled a comprehensive guide covering all the necessary steps.


Choose a design for Your Wooden House Extension

Before embarking on the construction of your wooden home extension, meticulous design is crucial. If you are an experienced DIY enthusiast, you can easily start for the existing design of the Mocha wooden construction of your choice, and start from there. Consider enlisting the expertise of an architect or contractor experienced in such projects to ensure precision, especially when it comes to the extension of water, drainage, electricity, and central heating. Professionals can assess the feasibility and estimated costs of your project.

This step involves creating a plan that takes various factors into account:

– Your budget

– Available space

– Climate considerations (temperature, snowfall, wind)

– Applicable regulations

– Existing building design, and more.

Thorough planning minimizes the likelihood of encountering obstacles during construction. Additionally, during this initial phase, you can choose doors, windows, wall coverings, roofing materials, flooring, light fixtures, and other aesthetic components that enhance the overall appearance of your extension. Planning ahead is advisable, as certain products may have procurement challenges.


Permit or not?

Most areas necessitate homeowners to obtain a permit from the municipal government for home expansion projects. Make sure to contact your municipal government to double-check the requirements of your region. In most cases, your project submission to the local urban planning department is required for approval. If your project faces rejection, don’t give up and reassess to ensure strict compliance with local regulations. 


Procure Timber Frame Components

Once local government approval is secured, send your plans to a timber frame product manufacturer, or take a shortcut and order the Mocha building of your choice directly online. These wooden structural components are in stock and can be delivered to your doorstep in 1 to 2 weeks only. Other essential components, such as wall panels, and potentially floor systems, are required for a home extension project. Consider wall panels that come with insulation, a vapor barrier, and a waterproofing membrane. Ensure the chosen manufacturer’s products meet national and local requirements. 


Lay the Foundation

While timber frame components are on the way, create a foundation for them. A robust foundation is vital for ensuring the sturdiness and durability of the structure. Conduct excavation work to prepare the ground for a foundation that won’t shift over time. Reinforced concrete and screw piles are currently popular foundation choices; select the one that best suits your situation.


Get Your Timber Components Delivered

Choosing the right timber frame product manufacturer should simplify this step. If you have chosen Mocha, the wooden beams and roof trusses are 1 thing less to worry about, so you can focus on having wall panels and floor systems delivered directly to your construction site in time, allowing seamless coordination for assembly.


Assemble Your Timber Frame Components

The ease or complexity of this step depends on the precision of your chosen prefabricated structure manufacturer. In the case of a Mocha wooden home extension, the dimensions of beams and trusses align perfectly so the assembly process is straightforward. There are no connectors and fasteners needed, follow the plug&build instructions. Regardless of dimensions, any extension added to an existing building requires an expansion joint to compensate for movement caused by shrinkage, temperature, or moisture.


Install Wall panels, Doors, and Windows

Precision is crucial during this step. Ensure the meticulous installation of walls, doors, and windows, sealing edges effectively to prevent water and air infiltration. If openings in your wall panels have the correct dimensions, this step should not be overly complicated. Seal door and window perimeters with a sealant and fill larger spaces with polyurethane insulating foam to enhance energy efficiency.


Install Exterior Coverings

Following door and window installation, proceed with exterior coverings. Once completed, the extension is properly sealed, allowing for continued work on the interior without weather-related concerns. Select roofing materials based on your truss type. For exterior walls, choose from masonry, wooden planks, or materials suitable for this purpose. When selecting materials, ensure their style blends well with the rest of your home.


Make a Hole in the Connecting Wall

Maximize the additional space your house extension provides by thoughtfully considering access. Create a passage between the extension and the main house by making a hole in the load-bearing wall. Take precautions not to weaken the house structure, potentially requiring shoring up the frame and installing a new support beam.


Work on the Interior

The final step involves finishing the interior of your new living area. Begin with the mechanical elements: plumbing, electricity, and heating. While the walls are still open, perfect wood-frame wall and roof insulation. Proceed to install partitions and flooring, focusing on stylistic elements such as light fixtures, moldings, and painting. This comprehensive approach ensures the successful completion of your wooden house extension project.


Good luck with building your home extension. If you opt for a Mocha wooden home extension, make sure to show us the result. We are always happy to see your creativity in action. Have fun building! 


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